to our beta program

You can now start uploading your 3D modells to integrate them into the RealNote Metaverse


Once we close our Beta and have a stable workflow, RealNote will addapt a pay-per-use system where a designer is getting payed for every use of his model in the RealNote app.

As our name already gives away we are a network of people that write digital “Notes” and leave them in the real world for others to find!

Therefore you can think of models as the “paper” onto which a user writes a message and then hangs it on a wall in the real world.

That is what we call a “Note”.

The most used models in RealNote are 3D-Speechbubbles which our users use to write text on them or post images on them.The best way to come up with new models is to think about how a user would use the model to transport his message!

All user generated models will be in their own category. Additionally our content team will pick certain models for a feature-list. Models that get selected for that list have will be put on a stage for a huge audience and will therefore be used very often.

Please read our Design-Guide to get an better understanding for the requirements. In this guide we also give some best practice tips.

Generally speaking the best models are textured, present a clear use (for example a speechbubble) and are unique enough to stand out from the rest.

Thats easy, simply download RealNote from the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore!

The fastest way is to Email our Founder & CEO: Sebastian.Weller@realnote.de